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Texts and Handouts by Class Date

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5/2/16: In-Class Workshop

In Class

Working Towards Essay 3/Revisions.docx



  • Sign up for group conference for Essay 3 by Monday 5/2 by midnight
  • Sign up for conferences for essay re-writes by Monday 5/2 by midnight or email me to set up an appointment
  • Class canceled for conferences Wednesday 5/4 
  • Draft 2 Essay 3 due posted to each student's individual blog at time of group conference 
  • Final Draft Essay 3 due Monday 5/9 1pm posted to Blackboard (one copy per group) and posted to each individual student blog
  • Final Project Presentations Monday 5/9 1-3pm
  • Essay re-write and portfolio reflection (1-2 page reflection on writing process/essays over course of semester) due Wednesday 5/11 posted to blogs by midnight   


4/27/16: In-Class Writing

In Class

Working Towards Essay 3/Revisions.docx



Draft 1 due posted on each individual student's blog. Bring 1 printed copy of draft 1 essay 3 per student plus 1 extra copy for in-class workshop on Monday. 


4/25/16: In-Class Writing

In Class

Thesis Handout


Homework for 4/21/16

Write an outline for Essay 3. Include an explanation/evidence of the historical need/context for your project, Key Rhetorical Moments, and further Evidence needed to support your argument that the project helped combat or alleviate injustice. You may collaborate with your group on your outline, or create separate outlines that you merge together later/in-class (noting the strengths and weaknesses of each one). If you need ideas, here is an in-depth explanation of outlining an argument paper by Purdue OWL: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/owlprint/724/.


4/20/16: Activism

In Class

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Feat. Jamila Woods - "White Privilege II" (Lyrics)

Business Insider - "Why saying 'All Lives Matter' in the context of the 'Black Lives Matter' movement touches a nerve with activists"

The Washington Post - "A Year of Reckoning: Police Fatally Shoot Nearly 1,000" 

New York Daily News - "KING: Cops are convicted of murder almost as much as whites who lynced blacks"

Marlon James - "Are you racist? No isn't a good enough answer."


Homework for 4/20/16, read and bring to class:

Key Rhetorical Terms 

Evidence Handout.doc

Rhetorical Strategies & Fallacies.docx  


4/18/16: Activism and Anti-Racism cont.

Fill out: Project 3 Group Sign-Up (whether or not you are working in a group or solo)

Read/finish reading and bring to class:

Chapter 3 Part 1 Practising Anti-Racism.pdf

Chapter 3 Part 2 Practising Anti-Racism.pdf


Anti_Racism Introduction.pdf


4/13/16: Anti-Racism


Project 3 Ideas


Homework for 4/13/16

Read: Anti_Racism Introduction.pdf

Read: Anti_Racism.pdf

Read: Chapter 3 Part 1 Practising Anti-Racism.pdf (This is part 1 of the reading due Monday 4/18. I will post Part 2 for Wednesday. Please read Part 1 so you have less reading this weekend!)


4/11/16: Appropriation

In-Class - Guest speaker: Ozzie Monge

Fail Montezuma powerpoint presentation: http://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5m9UNFQ4BgwRXFTa3k5SzJueXc/edit?usp=docslist_api&filetype=mspresentation

"Fail Montezuma! The Last Vestiges of an Obscured Yet Stubbornly Persistent Culture of Racism at San Diego State University": http://search.proquest.com/docview/1770078057

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/failmontezuma/


Homework for 4/11/16

Post: Essay 2 reflection to your blog (1-2 pararaphs) 

Read: "The Dos and Don'ts of Cultural Appropriation"

Watch: "Amandla Stenberg: Don't Cash Crop My Corn Rows"

Watch: "Native Americans Review Music Festival Fashion"


4/6/16: Essay 2 due & Institutional Racism


Institutional Racism Appropriation.pptx

Prompt Project 3


Welcome back! Homework for 4/6/16: Make sure you turn in Essay 2 on Blackboard and upload it to your blog before class. 


3/26/16 - 4/3/16: Happy Spring Break!


3/23/16: Class Cancelled - Sign Up for Conferences by 3/21/16 Midnight

Post your second draft of Essay 2 to your blog by our conference meeting. Come prepared with specific questions! 


3/21/16: In-Class Workshop


Homework for 3/21/16

Post first draft of essay 2 to your blog.

Bring 2 printed copies to class for workshopping.

*Bring a third copy if you would like my comments on your first draft for our conference. 


3/16/16: Colorblindness and Drafting Essay 2


Homework for 3/16/16

Bring Images and Words that Wound, your own scholarly article for Essay 2 (if you have one), and have enough knowledge of the media that you will be analyzing for Essay 2 for in-class drafting.


3/14/16: Colorblindness and Race in Popular Culture cont.


In Class 


Definitions CRT Colorblindness.docx  

See course schedule for change in Essay 2 and Project 3 due dates.

Clip from Tomahawk



Homework for 3/14/16

Read: Why Not Focus Only on Our Similarities.pdf


3/9/16: Race in Popular Culture


In Class

RWS 200 Essay 2 Prompt.docx


Homework for 3/9/16

Read "Images and Words that Wound" (bring a copy of the text to class).

Post a video clip or image from pop culture (TV, movies, music, etc) worth examining through critical race theory (CRT) to FB; plus, include a short evaluation of portrayal of race/racial stereotypes.


3/7/16: Race in Popular Culture


In Class

Paul Mooney on White Cleopatra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-WS17dh1WE

Cleopatra: http://www.examiner.com/article/casting-of-angelina-jolie-as-cleopatra-fuels-race-debate-pics

Hollywood Whitewashing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XebG4TO_xss

Chris Rock Oscars: http://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/feb/29/chris-rock-at-the-oscars-youre-damn-right-hollywoods-racist

White-Washing in Magazines: http://www.collegefashion.net/news/fashionably-informed-white-washing-skin-lightening/

Skin Whitening Thailand: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-35261748

Critical Race Theory: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/722/14/


Homework for 3/7/16



3/4/16: Multiracial Experiences


In Class

What Are You? 

Obama Quotes



3/2/16: Multiracial Experiences


Homework for 3/2/16

Post a short, 1-2 paragraph reflection on your writing process for essay 1 and what you would like to accomplish for future essays to your blog. 


2/29/16: Multiracial Experiences



Bill Of Rights for People of Mixed Heritage.pdf

Spoken: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZgELKdb8Ns

The Future of Multiracial Identity: Sylvia Targ TEDxPaloAltoHighSchool

Being Multiracial in America | The New York Times

Cheerios ad fuels debate on race | CNN


2/24/16: Class Cancelled for Conferences



  • Sign up for conferences by Monday (2/22) night. 
  • Start a class blog for your portfolio (WordPress - "Create Blog" or Tumblr are good free ones, or any site that you can post your essay drafts to such as google sites will work). Think of it as an online academic portfolio you can potentially reference later. Post your 1st draft (asap), 2nd draft (by your conference), and final draft (by Monday) to the blog. Email me your blog url.
  • Post your essay 1 (final draft) to Blackboard.


* Presentations (written/visual component and annotated bibliography) will from now on be posted to your blog. If you have already given a presentation and are able, post your materials on your blog. 


2/22/16: Workshop

In Class

Works Cited Page Example

MLA Sample

MLA Format and Grammar Powerpoint

Revision Tips


Homework for 2/22/16



  • Keep in mind that the paper due Monday 2/29 (review course schedule here) has a required length of 6 pages. (If this worries you, review "Beyond Black and White: The Minority Model Myth and the Invisibility of Asian American Students," which is well-written, to the point, and examines a specific study that the author conducted over 33 pages.) Your paper will most likely have more than 3 body paragraphs. Shoot for 3-4 pages finished for your first rough draft (basic formations of intro, body paragraphs, and conclusion). 
  • To reference sources your classmates have used for their presentations, go here (Presentation Sources). (Your essay should be on a different topic than the one you have presented on or will present on.)
  • Remember your goal for this paper is to inform on and analyze an argument or arguments presented about a current event connected to inequality and/or privilege with particular consideration to their historical context. You should analyze the evidence of the argument(s), and can also focus on particular biases within your articles. For basic examples of writing about the context of an argument, view the following sample essays
  • One thing I misspoke about in class is that the prompt requires that at least one of your sources be a peer-reviewed, scholarly article, and doesn't require 3 sources (but I do recommend at least three, unless you are going to analyze a specific argument in great detail). 
  • Today I explained an extra credit option for missed class points. Go here for a reminder/explanation of this option.   


2/17/16: Black Experiences


Sample Essays: Writing about an argument in context

Powerpoint - #BlackLivesMatter - #AllLivesMatter


Homework for 2/17/16

Bring your news article to class (from Monday's homework), marking evidence & commenting on bias within it. (Remember bias can be thought of as points that the author believes they don't need evidence to support their claim because their audience will agree with them without it as well as points in the article where the author doesn't present evidence fairly or consider other sides to the argument.)


2/15/16: Black Experiences


Credible v. Non Credible Sources

Business Insider - Most and Least Trusted News Outlets

Pew research center - News Outlets:

Overall trust/distrust

Which News Source Is the Most Trusted

More Research Help:

Peer Reviewed Articles (SDSU Library)

What Does Peer Review Mean? (SDSU Library)


Homework for 2/15/16


"Can I Get a Witness: Testimony from a Hip Hop Feminist" in Race, Class, and Gender: An Anthology ed. by Margaret Andersen and Patricia Hill Collins


1 (related to class discussions thus far) current news article to Facebook and bring to class on Monday to discuss


2/10/16: Arab American Experiences


Essay 1 Prompt: Argument in Context

Homework for 2/10/16


Excerpt from How Does It Feel to Be a Problem: Being Young and Arab in America by Moustafa Bayoumi on The Wall Street Journal

RWS 100 Review - Rhetorical Terms/Strategies 


2/8/16: Asian American Experiences

Homework for 2/8/16


"Mother Tongue" by Amy Tan from Under Western Eyes: Personal Essays from Asian America

"Beyond Black and White: The Model Minority Myth and the Invisibility of Asian American Students" from The Urban Review


2/3/16: Latino Experiences


Native People/Latinx Experiences


Homework for 2/3/16


"Brothers Under Skin"

(Read to page 26:) "Melting Pot or Ring of Fire: Assimilation and the Mexican-American Experience"


***Change as of 2/1/16***

From now on, I will be posting homework below the date it is due. This change is to keep articles under their topic for better organization so that they can be found and referred to more easily in the future.


2/1/16: Native People Experiences


Race and Racism In-Class Writing Collage (created with Tagul)


Homework for 2/1/16


Bad Indians Introduction

"On the Plate" Comic

"Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person" on The Huffington Post


Individual Class Presentations 


1/27/16: Racism & White Privilege


Culture, Ethnicity, and Race Class Definitions ("Race as Biology Is Fiction")

People of Color with Albinism Ask: Where Do I Belong?

Annotated Bibliography (Purdue OWL online) - For your presentations (MLA format)


Homework for 1/27/16

Read Ch 1 "Defining Racism," sections "Can we talk?", "Racism: A System of Advantage Based on Race," and "A Word About Language" from "Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?": And Other Conversations About Race.

Read "White Privilege: The Invisible Knapsack."



1/25/16: Race




Homework for 1/25/16

RWS 100 Review

The Limits of Master Narratives in History Textbooks

The Continuing Significance of Race

Race as Biology Is Fiction

Post to Facebook Group


1/20/16: Syllabus/Intro



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