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Project 3

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RWS 200 Prompt for Project 3: Confronting Inequalities in Society


Entering into the last month of the semester, you will want to begin forming your group for project 3 (no more than 3 to a group, and you can choose to work individually if you choose; however, I recommend working in a group).


Part 1

Pick your group. Your group should then do some research and come to an agreement about what project you’d like to do and when.


Part 2

Your group must complete some sort of community service/activism project with your group that helps alleviate injustice in society. Examples include and are not limited to:

      Participating in an act of Artivism

      Volunteering for an organization that serves the homeless (such as The Monarch School)

      More Ideas/Suggestions are listed here: http://rws200jspencer.pbworks.com/w/page/107168973/Project%203%20Ideas.


(Completion of project is worth 10 percent of overall Project 3 grade) 


Part 3

As a group, you will collectively write a 6-page essay arguing why the service you did helped/helps confront/alleviate injustice in the community. This is an argument essay that should include background information about the community/issue, scholarly sources, evidence/research (others and/or your own), and persuasive techniques including confronting an opposing side or opposing side(s). (Paper is worth 75 percent of overall Project 3 grade)


Part 4

Present with group on your service project and argument/paper during our class’ final exam hours. Include citations and show works cited in your presentation. Your presentation can take a variety of forms/can include a short activity. I recommend including persuasive visuals, whether that be photos of the event, graphs, etc. Presentations will be a maximum of 7 minutes long. Students watching presentations should be attentive and write at least one question per presentation. Part of your points and participation for the "final exam day" are to ask one of your questions by the end. (Presentation is worth 15 percent of overall Project 3 grade) (Monday 5/9 - 1pm-3pm)



·           6 pages

·           MLA format

·           Works Cited page (MLA format)


Important Dates:


Monday 5/2 - Draft 1 Essay 3 due up on blog and bring copies to class for in-class workshop


Tuesday 5/3 - Thursday 5/5 - Class canceled for conferences, Draft 2 Essay 3 due at time of conference posted to blog


Monday 5/9 - Final Draft Essay 3 due 1pm


Monday 5/9 - 1pm-3pm Final Project Presentations


Wednesday 5/11 - Portfolio, project 3 and final portfolio reflection, and essay re-write due


Writing Tips:


Quick Tips on Writing with Statistics: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/672/02/


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