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Groups for Project 3

Page history last edited by wastl1995@t-online.de 8 years, 2 months ago

Please sign up by Monday, April 18th. To include your group, insert "Group X" (fill in the number), list your group members, and write a brief description of your project.


Group 1


Group Members: 


Project description/community:

Comments (12)

rws200student said

at 2:09 pm on Apr 17, 2016

Group 1: Cole Chambers

Attend a protest of McDonald's workers fighting for $15 an hour wages.

rws200student said

at 4:31 pm on Apr 17, 2016

Group 2

Group Members: Ali Melius, Taylor Pugh, Nikki Tolido

Project Description: Something that has to do with children (We're thinking disabilities, but not 100% sure as of right now).

rws200student said

at 10:07 pm on Apr 17, 2016

Group 3

Group Members: Kaitlyn Pym & Sarah Fletcher

Description: We will be feeding the homeless through an organization called Urban Angels.

rws200student said

at 10:33 pm on Apr 17, 2016

Group 4: Dulce Arteaga

Description: Teaching dance to elementary school students for a month at an after school homework/education based program at a less advantaged and POC dominated school in Chula Vista.

Mackee Dimick said

at 9:27 am on Apr 18, 2016

Group 5: Grant, Mackee, William

Description: Volunteer at a homeless veteran shelter.

rws200student said

at 11:23 am on Apr 18, 2016

Group 6

Members: Amanda Acosta & Kendall Shepherd

Discription: Teen pregnancy in East County & its affect on people of color

rws200student said

at 12:04 pm on Apr 18, 2016

Group 7: Ciara Ferriol
Description: Combating economic inequality by feeding the homeless with Urban Angels

rws200student said

at 12:57 pm on Apr 18, 2016

Group 8: Lauren, Sara, Kelly

Description: Volunteering at the Down Syndrome Association fundraiser gala.

rws200student said

at 1:07 pm on Apr 18, 2016

Group 9: Destiny Cavada

Description: volunteering with the organization Urban Angel, which feeds the homeless

Esmeralda Quintero said

at 1:07 pm on Apr 20, 2016

Group 10: Esmeralda, Sergio, Huy

Description: Volunteering at a resource fair in which will be informing about the poverty filled community and ways into which we can contribute to make poverty better

wastl1995@t-online.de said

at 2:10 pm on Apr 27, 2016

Group 11: Sebastian Schneider, Johnny Chiplin

Description: Fight for 15 dollars minimum wage

rws200student said

at 1:50 pm on May 2, 2016

Group 12: Analynn Mah, Kayla Cansicio, Alyssa Zidek

Description: Volunteer at Special Olympics

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